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Take a look at some of the bloopers and pictures from a select number of our productions.



Randall McArnold pot scandal

CAST: Andres Correa as Kent Erickson, Rachel Morales as Patricia Jones, Eddy Herrero as Randall McArnold, Christian Fowler as  The Burger Thing Monarch


EXTRAS: Rolando Benitez,  Melissa Aptakin


CREW: Rolando Benitez - Sound Engineer/Sound Mixer, Piare Encina - Make-up, Eddy Herrero - Editor, Travis Davis - After Effects and Graphics





A Very Mayan Christmas

Cast: Willy - Will Grey Andy - Andres Monsalve Eddy - Eddy Herrero Jerry - Andres Correa


Crew: Cinematographer: Manuel Zapata A.C.: Juan Zapata


Sound Engineer: Rolando Benitez Sound Mixer: Jorge Mederos Special Thanks: Every one else who helped out on this set

got milk?

Lavabean Productions presents:

Winner of voters choice award on, this Got Milk commercial we made depicts a heartwarming, coming of age story.



William Gressman - Dad

Alex Jay - Child

Eddy Herrero - Teenager/Young Man/Father

Rachel Morales - Mother

Matthew Andres - Baby



Director - Eddy Herrero

A.D.  - Rolando Benitez

Wristers - Eddy Herrero & Andres Correa

D.P. - Michael Garcia

Gaffer/A.C. - Ted Tedoroff

Make Up - Piare Encina


Lavabean Productions presents:

When two friends go out to watch the game for a drink,  one of them gets annoyingly drunk, forcing an unexpected reaction.


Cast:                         Extras:

Travis Davis              Ray Zomer

Eddy Herrero            Will Grey

                                  Rolando Benitez

                                  Juan Zapata


Cinematographer - Jose Sagaro

A.C. - Juan Zapata



Lavabean Productions presents:

An homage to Charlie Chaplin, this mock 16mm slapstick comedy is the story of an optimistic young man's first day in his new office.


Andres Correa - Buster

Eddy Herrero - Charles



Music Produced by Rolando Benitez

Musical Composition by Travis Davis


Lavabean Productions presents:

The debut single from European supermodel, Francesco Salami. A sensual ballad that dissects the meaning of love, faith, fear and everything in between.


Music By:

Rolando Benitez and Strctly Commercial with Travis Davis on Saxophone


Music Mixed by:

Jason Starkey


Special Thanks to:

Rolando Benitez Sr.



Randall McArnold pot scandal

Randall McArnold pot scandal

Randall McArnold pot scandal